Variety Pack Baby Food (6 pack)

Variety Pack Baby Food (6 pack)

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Can't make up your minds? Try them all! For a limited time only you will receive 2 each of the following delicious flavors:
  • Uncured Bacon with Organic Kale and Butternut Squash
    • This pasture-raised uncured bacon is processed only with smoke and sea salt, never any sugar, nitrates, or nitrites, and is full of fats rich in Omega 3s and CLAs.
  • Free Range Chicken with Organic Peas and Carrots
    • This recipe takes the classic combination of organic peas and carrot and blends it with organic free range chicken, raised completely cage-free on small family farms.
  • Grass Fed Beef with Organic Kale and Sweet Potato
    • Fat from grass-fed meat is extra high Omega 3s and CLAs, which are essential for babies brain development.

Product is good for one year.

Pre-orders will ship in October, 2017. We will let you know the specific ship date as soon as we have it. You will be the first to receive our product! 

Who said you can't have it all!!